Keith Marshall Jones III

Author/historian Keith Marshall Jones III
works with historical societies and foundations
to produce lively, scrupulously researched, serious non-fiction narratives.

Winner of the 2019/2020 John Frederick Lewis Prize for Publication of the Year by the American Philosophical Society  

The Immigrant Founding Father
America Never Knew

NEW ! The first complete biography of patriot New York lawyer, soldier, lawmaker, and jurist John Laurance (1750 – 1810). From opening gun of the War for Independence to the Jeffersonian “Revolution of 1800,” Jones chronicles the fascinating breeches-to-riches story of America’s only foreign-born citizen ever to rise within two heartbeats of the presidency. Published by Philadelphia’s 276-year-old American Philosophical Society—America’s longest continuously running press—the 391-page book was awarded the John Frederick Lewis Prize as the Society’s 2019 Publication of the Year.

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Keith Marshall Jones III’s books include Congress as My Government, the first complete account of Supreme Court chief justice John Marshall’s youthful service in George Washington’s Continental Army; Farmers Against the Crown, a comprehensive account of the April, 1777 Revolutionary War battle in Ridgefield, Connecticut; and The Farms of Farmingville, An architectural profile of 23 Connecticut farmhouses and two-century saga of the people who gave them life.

Jones lives in Manhattan . . . and Tucson, Arizona


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